Media & Marketing Outlook 2021

In Dec 2019 a novel pathogen emerged, and within weeks, led to the emergence of the biggest global health crises seen to date.
For the media sector, the virus brought both opportunities and challenges, with mass media becoming the major source of information.
Consumers turned to their personal preferred channels as a trusted source of truth; causing some media channels to flourish, forcing others to innovate in order to survive, and sadly leading to some publications closing doors, bidding farewell to an era.
For those not ready to take the final jump in joining the Digital Revolution – the Coronavirus sped up this adoption; encouraging an expansion of channel consumption; creating a new segment of channel-agnostic consumers with extremely high expectations of media to deliver real-time, trusted information.
We put together an overview of how media consumption adjusted throughout the year; what changed habits are here to stay, and what marketing trends we expect will continue to dominate.